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La Pastora

Territoria La Pastora was one of the first Class A office buildings built in El Golf District. + Info

El Regidor

Territoria El Regidor crowns the Las Condes institutional square, where Las Condes City Hall building, the Municipal Theatre of Las Condes and Santiago Ritz Carlton Hotel are located. + Info


Territoria Magdalena appears on the urban scene over Isidora Goyenechea Avenue, the most prestigious axis in El Golf district, and has established itself as a benchmark of avant-garde architecture within the city. + Info


Territoria Luz was designed by the prestigious architectural firm Handel Architects LLP in NY and it completes, with its distinctive shape, the west skyline of El Golf district. + Info


Awasi is a boutique hotel designed in complete harmony with its environment, culture and tradition of the Atacama region. + Info

Isidora 3000

Isidora 3000 is a mixed-use complex of 29 stories located in the most privileged environment of the city. + Info

El Bosque

Territoria El Bosque is the exact combination of nature, design and technology applied to improve the working experience and the quality of life for people in the city. + Info


Territoria Apoquindo is a project designed with the aim of improving the quality of life of people living daily in Tobalaba area. + Info